Ever wondered what the process is for hiring a suit? Wonder no more - we’re going to lay it all out right here. It’s a pretty painless process at Munns so if you’ve got an event coming up and you need something flash to wear don’t put it off any longer - pop into Munns the Man’s Store and we’ll get you sorted!
A distinguished grey-haired man wearing a pure wool navy suit by Boston
FIRST - We’ll take some measurements - Most of our staff are so good at this they can do it just by looking at you. Easy! Then we’ll ask you style of suit you’re looking for. We’ve got a good range from full formal morning and evening tails right through to slim-fit lounge suits for a less formal, more modern vibe.

The jacket tends to define the style of a suit so we usually start trying jackets first. If a jacket isn't fitting well we'll try various cuts and we’ll keep trying until we find a a cut that really suits you.
Leather shoes and boots by Ferracini
Next we’ll grab a pair of matching pants and a shirt and send you into the fitting room to try the full suit on. If the trousers aren't quite right we'll give you another pair - and we just keep going til we find a pair that works for you. Then we make sure the length is correct; if it's not we do a tailor's chalk mark and note down the measurement so they can be adjusted.
Next - if required - we help you choose a tie and waistcoat colour. At this stage we'll also ask about your partner's dress colour / fabric if you're off to a ball - or in the case of a wedding we'll ask about the colours of the bridesmaids' dresses so the whole wedding party works in well together.
NEXT - we look at any other accessories you might require - shoes, a belt, a pocket square and cufflinks. Once all that's sorted every aspect of your outfit is noted down, the whole ensemble is put together and taken upstairs for any alterations that might be required and you can go home and relax!
FINALLY - a day or so before the big event you pop in to Munns to pick up your suit. Just give us your name and one of our team will pop up the stairs, locate your suit & related accessories and you can take it all away with you. You may have already pre-paid, or you can pay on pick up.

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